Coffee-drinking Athlete: My Organo Gold Sponsorship Journey

Posted on 21. Apr, 2016 in Coffee, Fitness Journey, Lifestyle, Organo Gold

I have enjoyed coffee for many years, but have always tried to avoid becoming a regular coffee-drinker. I witnessed my mom become a coffee (caffeine) addict when I was younger, and some health issues she faced because of it. She went off coffee for a few years, then back on, which I think had to do with a perception that whatever had been the issues were no longer issues. I am not really sure, but the whole thing was enough of a deal to make me not want to become addicted to caffeine on a longterm basis, and also I felt, what is the purpose of drinking coffee and hence constantly spending money on it if it’s not really all that necessary most days? I just wanted to drink it when I needed it, on those days when I hadn’t gotten enough sleep for example, or wanted it, as a fun treat, but not because I had to have it every day.

That is my history with coffee in a nutshell.

Now I am presented with an opportunity to be sponsored by a coffee distributor. I have already had a four-day trial, a couple weeks ago, and I have now embarked on a 30-day sponsorship, beginning a week ago.

The coffee is not just any coffee: it is Organo Gold, a “superfood” coffee, as it is made with a superfood mushroom called “ganoderma lucidum,” a.k.a. “reishi.” Upon reading about it, and how Organo Gold uses it, I have come to realize that reishi is an exceptionally potent and powerful superfood, and that Organo Gold has the very best supply and way of processing the mushroom so that it can be consumed in the most useful way. Having it in coffee (and they also do tea and hot chocolate) are the very best ways that can get it to large numbers of people on a regular basis, in a manner that makes the best use of the mushroom (since, if I understand correctly, the addition of heat causes its nutritional properties to be unleashed fully).

So, although I’ve never had coffee 30 days in a row before in my life, I intend to do that as part of this sponsorship. My main thought process is that with typical coffee, the benefits of coffee don’t generally outweigh the drawbacks of it, therefore I never had a desire for it to become part of my daily routine. However, if there’s a different kind of coffee that could tip the scale the other way, where the benefits of its daily consumption do outweigh any drawbacks, then I would be willing to consider consuming it every day.

I intend to blog about my journey, and this is the opening blog post to that journey. I wanted to “journal” about it so that I would have a record of any positives or negatives that I feel come about from it as I consume it on a daily basis, and it just makes sense to make that journaling space a blog, so that I can share with others who may be interested, and show my sponsor that I am being thoughtful about this process.

I am blogging here on my fitness site because this is a matter of nutrition, health, and fitness. Most of us drink coffee or tea, probably most on a daily basis, and if there is something that can benefit more people than their current coffee/tea can, then I want to share about that. Also, I’m finally starting to use this blog site that I have had for a while but haven’t been using, so it’s one of my only places to really feasibly do blogging at the moment, and will help me get rolling with it. So… I might as well!

I would just like to make it very clear that I am not a distributor of Organo Gold, and I have no direct connection to the company.

Here’s to healthier coffee for all of us!

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